Please Make it Stop (PMS – 100 Caps)


 Traditional relief for modern women! For many women, PMS cramping, pain, and discomfort is something they have been told they just have to live with – not any longer! Today this formula can be yours.
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If you’re a woman you’ve probably been told you have to learn to live with symptoms of PMS. But we don’t agree. Neither did our Master herbalist, who crafted a natural formula from ingredients long used in traditional cultures to help women make that time of the month a breeze. Please Make it Stop combines natural substances drawn from those traditions, plus a dash of millennia-old wisdom, in one dynamic formula.

Our PMS is looking for your PMS, those collected symptoms typical of premenstrual syndrome, including mood swings and all the emotional factors that go with them; plus physical symptoms such as mild mood changes, cramps and edema associated with the menstrual cycle*, headache*, backache*, worsening of acne* and much, much more. All of these symptoms can be traced to hormonal imbalance. Although ancient cultures didn’t understand hormones, they did know that certain herbs could help women overcome the many discomforts associated with their monthly cycle. Our PMS product combines the best of their wisdom into one product.

Ingredients: Wild yam, chaste tree berry, sarsaparilla, dong quai, saw palmetto licorice root, red raspberry, black cohosh, cramp bark, damiana, ginger.

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